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Rules To Play A Football Match – Some Important Concepts

Jun 28, 2021 CASINO

The game of football or แทงบอล is one of the most famous American game, and a large number crowd can be seen in a stadium while a game of football is being played. Football is a modern version of the ancient game like harpaston and harpastrum.

This is one of the most popular games in America as the highest number of people watching a single match is around a 40million. But how is this fantastic game of แทงบอล played, what are the rules and requirements to play this game?

  • Ground requirements: An average แทงบอล field is measured to be around 100 by 130 yards that are approximately around 91 by 48m. The latitudes are marked with stripes at every 5 yards and which ends at 10yds deep.
  • On both, ends of the ground stand a goal post of around 8fts in height and a crossbar of around 8ft from the ground. The players in the middle of the ground are both defensive and offensive as well and they act according to the situation and passing of the ball
  • Basic rules: A football team is made up of 11 players on both sides. Both the teams try to take control over the ball and make sure that the ball doesn’t roll outside of the boundary line as it would be considered as a foul. While doing this, they also try to kick the ball inside of the other team’s goalposts as it would count as a point for that particular team.
  • Use of hands is not allowed in this game as it would also be considered a foul. The team with the most number of points at the end would be considered as the winners.
  • Roles of the players: While a game of football is being played, all the player scatter around the ground trying to defend the ball from reaching their own goalposts, the front section of the team are the offensive ones, and they try to steal away the ball from the opposing team,
  • Then comes the back section, the more defensive ones, they try to defend the ball from going inside of their boundary area towards the goalposts, then comes the goalkeeper while only stands around the goalposts and protects it and doesn’t let the ball pass through.


if a game of football or แทงบอล is played properly with all the set rules and requirements and with a proper number of player.

Then this game is one most fun and amazing game of all times and people of every age love to play and watch this game as there is no age limit for this game and since the rules are so easy as well it is very easy for anyone to understand how a proper game of football or แทงบอล is played, that’s why some people start teaching their kids how to play football from a very early age as the popularity of this game is very high.

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